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Age of Conan box/subscription pricing announced

Michael Zenke

Prices for Age of Conan's retail boxes, monthly subscription fees, and a number of other interesting tidbits have been unveiled in Funcom's new investor update. For those of us on the US side of the Atlantic, we'll be paying out $59.99 for the basic box and $14.99 per month to stay in Hyborea. If you're keeping track, that makes the collector's edition of the game not that much more expensive than the basic set.

Other fascinating informational drops from the pdf document:
  • The company expects to spend 12% of gross revenues from the game on further marketing.
  • Funcom's server farm is scaled to handle some 500,000 - 600,000 subscribers at launch.
  • AoC has had 20 front covers already, and expects to top 30 by the end of May.
  • Last week Age of Conan's website had some 475,000 unique visitors (according to Google Analytics).
  • The company acknowledges that its launch success also hinges on its partners. "The Company's most important partners/suppliers are IPsoft, SCi Entertainment/Eidos, Cisco, Dell and GlobalCollect."
  • Funcom is up front about the bottom line on AoC's future: "The success of the game will depend first and foremost on the response it receives from players after several hours of playtime of the finished product."

[Via Ten Ton Hammer]

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