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Camelot reckons Golden Sun DS 'would be great'


So, we're all in agreement then. Currently hard at work on the European version of We Love Golf (for Wii, natch), the folks at Camelot have told Eurogamer that they rather like the idea of bringing Golden Sun, a popular series of role-playing games for the Game Boy Advance, to Nintendo's DS. "It would be great, wouldn't it!" said the seemingly excitable Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi. "We want to play that game too, just as much as you. We love Golden Sun!"

The brothers also noted that the RPG genre is one they definitely plan on revisiting in the future, with their thoughts already wrapped around "RPG stuff." Said the Takahashi brothers: "Camelot is an RPG maker. We don't think that we'll ever quit making RPGs."

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