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'GTA IV: Meant to Be Played on the PS3' says [Update]


Online retailer is playing console favorites, it seems. On its video games page, it headlines that GTA IV is "meant to be played on the PS3." Strangely, no mention of the Xbox 360 version is made.

Could the retailer be biased? Or, did Sony shell out a little extra dough for this bit of text? Either way, we wonder if this will ever-so-slightly help the PS3 version with its sales.

Update: Fun observation: You can't play it on your PlayStation, but you can play it on your PlaySation.
Update 2: Looks like the recommendation will change, seemingly at random.
Update 3: Amazon PR Manager Tammy Hovey confirmed to Joystiq that the Sony wording was in fact "a campaign paid for by Sony" and that Microsoft will be "doing something similar next week."

[Thanks, Paul!]

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