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Speculation: Shadowbane devs making Wii MMO

Stray Bullet Games – the Austin-based developer formed from the ashes of Wolfpack Studios, the crew behind MMO Shadowbane – is looking for a few good coders. Specifically, they've got two positions that need filling: one for Gameplay Programmer on their as-yet-unnamed "MMO Project" and another for Sr. Programmer on a similarly as-yet-unnamed "Wii Project."

Now, before you go crossing your eyes and reading that as an MMO for Wii, the two are clearly presented as separate projects; however, what's not so clear is the company's "In Development" page which reports that it's "in development of a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on an original intellectual property conceived in-house." Not a new massively multiplayer game and a new Wii title or any other variations that would indicate more than one title under active development. We'll refrain from rampantly speculating on the potential existence of an MMO for Wii until we hear back from Stray Bullet (we've asked them to comment), so instead we'll share the above graphic from our enthusiastic comrades at Massively.

[Via Massively]

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