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Vote for your favorite Madden NFL cover athlete

Dustin Burg

On April 25th the Madden curse will claim another victim when EA announces the football star who'll grace Madden NFL 09's cover. And to prepare for the glorious announcement, is hosting a semi-scientific poll asking Madden fans which year had the best Madden cover athlete. You can check out all the athletes (and John Madden too) after the jump, gawk at the Madden cover victims, select a favorite, then jump over to the forums to vote. Currently, Mr. Madden himself is leading the pack, but Ray Lewis (and his legally questionable past) is a very close second. Heck, while we're at it, tell us who you think deserves should be subjected to the 2009 Madden curse. We're up for seeing Vick a second time around. He deserves the curse times two.

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