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Wal-Mart's GTA IV launch details


Wal-Mart's intranet, "The Wire," recently laid out how the maestro of retail will handle the Grand Theft Auto IV launch. As seen in the picture above -- with the full plan detailed in the gallery below -- 24-hour stores will begin selling the game at midnight and should be prepared for the launch. One of the more interesting parts in the "execution guide" states that Wal-Mart has a "strategic focus on winning in gaming, and GTA IV represents a strong opportunity for [it] to highlight [its] entry into the gaming industry." Customers are supposed to know that Wal-Mart is the: "Fastest way to play GTA IV."

The guide describes that two associates should be manning the register, with one to ring up customers and the other to pass along the requested game version. If the line is too long, an electronics associate should "take quantities of the game to the front register and assist the cashier by handing out the game at time of purchase." Considering Wal-Mart went through the effort of making such a comprehensive guide, corporate would probably love to hear from customers who don't have a pleasant and efficient shopping experience during the GTA IV launch.*

*Metagame: The "execution guide" has a major error on Pg. 2, can you spot it? Hint after the break.

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Hint: Look at the time at the bottom of the page. Looks like non 24-hour stores are being punished. Yes, we're sure it's a typo.

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