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Dead Space Animated Comic: Issue 1

In case you didn't get a chance to pick up the first issue of the Dead Space comic (or maybe you can't read ... in which case, what are you doing here?), they've just released an animated version and, we've got to say, it's got our attention. While it's a known fact that the entire staff of Joystiq suffers from a rare disease whose only symptom is intense concentration when presented with a combination of foul language and severed torsos – both present in the first installment tucked away safely after the break – we think we'd be interested regardless, disease be damned.

It's got that creepy space horror aesthetic they've been promising, along with a healthy dose of creepy space zealots and creepy space obelisks. We're sure the next five issues will add appropriate amounts of creepy space paranoia and, of course, creepy space monsters. After all that, we'll get the feature-length fully animated Dead Space prequel which picks up right where the comic lets off. After that? We presume the actual video game. EA better hope there's enough meat on these bones.

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