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EA bringing Monopoly to 360, Wii, PS2

Justin McElroy

When the power goes out on Joystiq's mid-Atlantic hoverbase, we often use Monopoly to pass the time, or at least we did until we realized that every game ended after four hours with the board being flipped and somebody (usually Chris) getting punched in the face. This morning, EA announced that we wouldn't have to wait for an outage to start throwing fists: The company will bring the real-estate game to Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 this fall.

This is apparently a sped-up version of the original game, with some new interactive minigames thrown in. We hope we can use waggle to hammer eviction notices to the doors of our slums. But that's just us. Oh, and just so we can cut this discussion off at the pass: No, there's no PS3 version announced. We trust PS3 owners can scrounge up $12.99, directions to their local Toys 'R' Us and a tabletop without our aid.

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