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It's on! Arena Tournament Update

Amanda Dean

The arena tournament is live. You can still sign up for the tournament, but your team should be pretty close to stabilized. From this point forward any new additions, beyond team founders, to teams will come with a price of a 150 point penatly a pop. After May 6, you will not be able to adjust your roster at all.

If you plan on being competitive in the tournament, your team must complete at least 200 games between now and May 20, 2008. The ratings were all reset to 1500 after maintenance yesterday and the top teams are already flexing their muscles. The top three teams (as of this writing) are all over 2100 points. Outrageously Better Pros is on top at 2180 points, followed by Shadowplay at 2133, and godawful pmr at 2109. The top ten are equally split between Horde and Alliance teams.

Things are just heating up and the tournament will definitely be exciting and enlightening. The WoW Insider arena team will be back in action tonight. Manda, Zach, and I (mandy) will be taking on the world with epic Warlock-Paladin- Druid action. We'll see you in the queues tonight at 7pm PDT! Good hunting.

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