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Nyko intros "limited edition" Kama Wii nunchucks


Nyko's already let loose a wireless nunchuck and a cord-free adapter for your standard issue nunchuck, but if those options are a little too subdued for your taste, you may want to consider one of the company's new "limited edition" Kama models, which are also wireless and available in your choice of four colors of varying degrees of garishness. That includes gray, black, pink and gold (or gold details, it seems), each of which are limited to between 150 and 300 units and cost $35 each. Yes, that's a premium over the standard model, but just imagine the looks of adoration you'll get when you whip one of these out at your next Wii Sports tourney.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

Update: Nyko's PR rep informs us that the limited edition Kama wireless 'chucks are in fact the same price as their standard wireless nunchuck ($35), which itself demands a premium over Nintendo's regular wired model.

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