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U-verse subscriber answers: Is it worth it?

Darren Murph

It was around 2.5 years ago that we saw one of the first FiOS users in Texas give his review of the fiber-based service. Now, we're seeing a U-verse subscriber from Ann Arbor give his take on whether or not it's living up to expectations. Essentially, the service was praised for delivering HD material for a low (relatively speaking) cost, and at least for this fellow, his experience with customer service has been satisfactory thus far. As for picture quality, he notes that SD is superior to that of DISH Network, though the HD signals could stand to lose some minor artifacting. Interestingly, the subscriber states that actually getting U-verse installed was "a major undertaking," and although he didn't urge consumers to steer clear of AT&T, he couldn't wholeheartedly recommend the service in its current state either. Check the read link for the full interview.

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