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Week 5 of the "Tell the LotRO Community Team" series

William Dobson

A fresh batch of questions has been cooked up by the Lord of the Rings Online Community Team, and players wishing to contribute to the growing feedback repository can visit this week's thread. The new questions are:

  • Of your characters that you enjoy playing the most, or the most often, what is the highest character level you've achieved? (Example: You currently have a level 45 Minstrel, a level 20 Lore Master, and a level 12 Champion, but these days you find yourself playing your Champion more consistently than your Lore Master or Minstrel. The response to this question would be "level 12".)
  • What was your favorite in-game event you've attended from any game, LotRO or otherwise?
  • When talking with friends/acquaintances about LotRO, what's the first thing you mention to them?
You're free to comment on last week's questions along with this week's answers, and they can be found here.

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