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Witch 2.0 goes shareware

Mat Lu

Peter Maurer has announced the release of Witch 2.0, an update to the handy pop-up window switcher from Many Tricks. Witch lets you to use the keyboard to bring up a bezel listing of the titles of all open windows, and allows you to switch between, "zoom, minimize/deminimize and close windows on the fly."

From a user point of view there doesn't seem to be all that much new in Witch (which we covered previously), but behind the scenes the architecture has apparently been radically overhauled to future-proof the application. One notable addition is keyboard shortcuts for jumping directly to a window. They had also intended to add Spaces support but were unable to do so. The other significant change is the move from donationware to shareware status, though anyone who had previously donated for Witch will receive a license.

Witch 2.0 is €9.95 and a demo is available.

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