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Champions Online's content designer talks games, miniatures and fiddles

Kyle Horner

Of all the team members we've met that are working on Champions Online, Zeke Sparkes is possibly the most important yet. That's not to say that the previous team members haven't been anything but incredibly important. You see, Zeke is the guy in charge of designing, creating and testing the "meat n' bones" of Champions Online. The shape, color palette, mob layouts and generally everything you interact with in both persistent and instanced areas are all streaming from this man's brain.

He is -- in a sense -- the Game Master of all our future excursions into the yet-to-be world of Champions Online.

Thankfully, like many of the previous team members interviewed Zeke isn't your average videogame creator. To say he is a man after our own collective hearts wouldn't be too far from the truth. Coming from years of experience designing pen and paper RPGs, Zeke is also spends lot of his time playing several videogames, painting Hordes and Warmachines minis (Go Cygnar!) and even whips out a fiddle every now and again for some old time music. Wait, reallly? Hm, this guy is almost too much like us.

As and added plus, here's our favorite quote from the interview. It truly makes a person wonder about what's in store for Champions Online when Zeke says, "We're also making sure we spice things up with really cool events and situations that break up the typical game play from time to time. So if you're walking along and all of a sudden the ground shakes and hot lava rains down from the sky, it's a special gift from me to you."

Hot lava raining down from the sky? Zeke, I do believe you've piqued our curiosity.

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