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Demigod could one day rule consoles


Gas Powered Games founder, Chris Taylor, recently spoke to Joystiq about his upcoming game Demigod (full interview, which includes publisher Stardock's Brad Wardell, coming later today). With GPG's latest game, Supreme Commander, jumping from PC to consoles, we wanted to know if Demigod could do the same thing. Taylor says it's a discussion the studio is having, "but no final decisions have been made just yet."

Even if the game isn't coming to consoles, we wanted to know if the company is thinking ahead and designing the PC version of Demigod for use with a gamepad. Taylor explains that GPG is focusing on the PC version and if it made another version for consoles, the company would overhaul the interface, as there are currently no plans to support gamepads (like the Xbox 360 controller) at this time. He says GPG re-did Supreme Commander's controls when translating it to the Xbox 360, and also alludes to Supreme Commander coming to PS3 as well. We'll have the full interview up soon.

Update: Interview is up now.

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