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Jason Priestley wants to throw down in some Mario Kart with you


Following up the kind gesture of offering you a free lift, Nintendo has informed us that one and all are invited to the Nintendo World Store in New York City for fun and games this Saturday from 2 - 6pm, one day before the game releases here in North America. But, Nintendo, we have to ask: why not just hold the event on Sunday or let folks pick up the game then, on Saturday? Seems like it wouldn't be too fun to head on down for the festivities, try the game out then have to return back to your life for 24 hours before you can buy it.

Still, it should be a fun shindig going down at the Nintendo World Store. They're going to give out personalized Mario Kart licenses, as well as hold a tournament where the winner can take on (and, we assume, whip the ass of) actor and driving enthusiast Jason Priestley. Just, uh, don't ask him what Dylan is up to these days.

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