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Linde Werdelin intros "Sea Instrument" dive computer


Sure, there's plenty of basic dive computers out there, but if you really want to get some attention under the sea, you may want to consider something like Linde Wrdelin's new "Sea Instrument," which can even be had in a special 18K yellow gold edition if you want to go all out. Whether you opt for that or the basic anodized aluminum model, however, you'll get the same transflective color display and sapphire crystal glass cover designed to be readable underwater, along with a 3-axis compass and access to all the vital information you'll need including depth, dive time, decompression stops, and temperature, to name a few, not to mention a rechargeable battery that promises to deliver 28 hours of continuous use. Of course, all that doesn't exactly come cheap, with the aluminum version alone running €2,100 (or about $3,000). Oh, and you'll also need a Linde Werdelin Biformeter watch to attach it to, which is only a few grand more.

[Via Luxist]

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