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Lord of the Rings Book 13 wrap-up

Michael Zenke

Today's the day! The gates to Middle-earth are temporarily shut as the icy realm of Forochel coalesces in the North. Lord of the Rings Online's Book 13 patch will soon be live, and hopefully you've already started in on the download (it's a big one). While you're waiting for the servers to come back up, we have a bevy of content for you to page through. Where should you start? Our recommendation would be with our walkthrough gallery, or the walkthrough video we took. They'll give you a high level overview of the patch's contents in neatly digestible bits.

If you want to drill down a bit you're going to have a hard time knowing where to start. We've got the addition of the fishing hobby, and the awesome new fishing trophies for housing. The LFF and group questing mechanisms have been improved, and monster players have the all-new Orc Defiler to look forward to. For some of this news straight from the source, make sure to check out our interview with Jeffrey Steefel from back at the end of March. And If none of that is enough, you can also read through the official patch notes. They'll keep you busy for a good, long time.

If you're still not satisfied, take a breath. Don't worry ... Book 14 is already on the way.

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