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New Valhalla Knights 2 class revealed

Nick Doerr

Normally, you know everything you need to about a game well before its release nowadays. Back when the internets were just a series of tubes in a cradle, we had to rely on magazines to feed us information only on select titles -- often after the games were released. So to hear that Marvelous waited until a month prior to their release of Valhalla Knights 2 to talk about one of their character classes (something that should be a major talking point) is a surprise.

The new class is a martial arts sort of group who call themselves Akatoki. Apparently, neither the male nor female class really enjoys wearing a top. But of course, the latter has to for fairly obvious reasons. This game hasn't been picked up for localization outside of Japan yet, but the natural course of things dictates that sequels will normally come out, regardless how the first title sold. Do you hear us, Nippon Ichi and Namco-Bandai? We want Ar Tonelico 2. We won't forget. We also want this.

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