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Nintendo continues cash infusion, record sales and profits in FY08


Nintendo announced today that it saw a 73% increase in sales this past year and profits of over $4.77 billion, which is a 115% increase over last year. It appears Nintendo forecasted conservatively and is going to need a bigger money bin. The company also states it plans to ship 25 million Wii consoles to retailers across the globe in FY09, approximately the same amount it shipped in FY08, which ended March 31. If Nintendo continues its Wii sales rampage, that means by April of 2009 there could be 50 million Wii consoles in homes.

The Nintendo DS isn't doing badly either, with 70.6 million units sold, and expected shipments of another 28 million units this fiscal year. Nintendo reveals that the global tie ratio for software on Wii is 6.07, while the DS enjoys a 5.24. The company expects an 8.8% operating profit increase in FY09 to $5.14 billion -- that's probably being conservative, again.

[Via GameDaily]

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