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Rome wasn't built on the DS

Candace Savino

One downfall of being a history major is that every time a game is announced with the word "history" in it, something in the "must have" part of your brain clicks, making you want a piece of software that you suspect won't be all that great, anyway.

The latest game to attack this blogger's mental stability is another addition in Slitherine's History Channel line, called HISTORY Great Empires: Rome. (Note: The History Channel is now just called History, which is why you don't see the word "channel" somewhere in the game's title.) We heard whispers about this game before, but now know that it will release sometime this summer.

This Black Bean title, which is some kind of follow-up to The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome game, involves strategy, diplomacy, city-building, warfare, exploration, and all that good stuff. There will also be some "bonus" minigames involved.

History nerds that we are, we'll be looking out for this.

[Via press release]

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