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Vodafone Germany launching two DVB-T sets next month

Chris Ziegler

Germany's been one of the European countries protesting the hardest against the EU's selection of DVB-H as the union's mobile TV standard of choice -- and for good reason, seeing how it already had a nice little chunk of cash sunk into T-DMB. We're not sure if this is Germany's version of passive-aggressive civil disobedience or if this is just how they plan on rolling for the time being, but Vodafone Germany is actually looking at rolling out a pair of phones next month that simply pull down plain ol' DVB-T signals -- the kind generally destined for home televisions, not pockets. This obviously gives the service a far larger footprint and content profile right off the bat, but the tradeoff is that DVB-T was never designed for the small screen and suffers from a greater power draw than either DVB-H or T-DMB. Anyhoo, the phones in question are the Windows Mobile-powered g-Smart t600 from Gigabyte alongside LG's HB620T clamshell. Both are expected to go out the door for about €100 ($159) on contract, apparently, which is just as well seeing how the t600 lacked 3G data last time we checked in on it. Who'd really trade fast data for television that's going to drain your battery faster than you can say "David Hasselhoff," anyway?

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