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Assault Heroes 2 blows up XBLA on May 14

Jason Dobson

Wanako's Assault Heroes would have been one of our most cherished bits of Xbox Live Arcade entertainment had one key element -- online gameplay -- not been so broken so as to only be recognizable by its dental records. Even so, we are forgiving sorts, and when news came down that the developer planned to try its hands at the game once more with a sequel this spring, we figured why not. If He-Man and ABC After School Specials taught us one thing, it's that everyone deserves a second chance.

Carrying a promise to "expand its horizons into outer space," publisher Sierra Online has confirmed that Assault Heroes 2 will roll onto XBLA on May 14. The sequel will include a number of additions to the series' freshman outing, including the ability to hijack vehicles -- including spacecraft -- as well as more levels. There will also be a number of new co-op modes included, though honestly we're less concerned with what's been added than we are with Wanako simply making them work.

[Via press release]

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