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Bioware wants to try 'something different' with their MMO

Kyle Horner

If you've played even one of BioWare's many wonderful games, then you're well aware of the kind of quality they strive for when they craft them -- especially the stories offered. Well all right, there was that one game called Jade Empire that had some strange story pacing and lackluster combat -- but otherwise Bioware strikes gold nearly every time.

So what's their plan for finding the same success with their upcoming MMO venture?

It comes as no surprise that when speaking on the topic of MMOs BioWare says, "We want to step out and try something different because we want to evolve where MMO's are... we can take some of the best of breed features from Bioware games and apply it to the MMO space and fuse them together." When looking back to Bioware games, what stands out most to us are their stories and engrossing characters. Sure, some titles have had better combat systems than others, but the presentation levels are always top notch.

If this ideology of sticking with what you're good at seems familiar, that's because BioWare co-director and MMO veteran Gordon Walton said as much recently. It's good to see a unified message coming from the BioWare camp, as that suggests their MMO is coming along swimmingly.

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