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EVE Online braces for total war in the expansion Empyrean Age

Andrew Russo

For years the war waged between the empires of EVE Online has been a cold war. Well, now it is time to break out the Clausewitz ladies and gentlemen. The long awaited clash of the titans is coming and there is nowhere to hide. Corporation warfare has nothing on what is about to occur. Systems will change hands, empires will fall, and the galaxy as we know it will change forever. To hell with putting blasters on stun, this will be a fight to the finish.

With the launch of EVE's expansion Empyrean Age sometime in the future, the entire universe, players and NPCs, will be duking it out in the name of their empire in an epic struggle for galactic domination. The war is not going to be easy and players may participate alone, running missions for their empire of choice, or they may bring their entire corporation into the fray. You thought piracy was a problem, imagine finding yourself in the middle of an Amarr fleet bent on your merciless destruction! Kick in the afterburners and train up those tanking skills, there is going to be a torrent of destruction hellbent on finding your ship.

So what about you carebears? All is not lost for the industrialist at heart! In addition to an EVE proximity alert to keep you safe, all of the fighting will provide plenty of scrap metal. The empires and players need resources for the larger conflict and the usual struggles between corporations. Someone needs to make sure everyone in EVE is supplied with guns and ammunition. This means plenty of trading and market watching for players eager to make a few isk as gun runners. Stock up on Quafe and void ammo while you are browsing the market, you are going to need it!

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