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Joystiq Podcast 047 - JQ vs DC edition

Justin McElroy

Can you believe it's Friday again already? No, neither can we. But we're celebrating our favorite day of the week with a delicious new podcast, full of discussion of MK vs. DC, Grand Theft Auto IV and Guitar Hero 4, alongside your audio and print emails, and a special new intro from Reachground of You Have to Burn the Rope fame. Also: A hot new Pataponastic Brush With Fame prize.

Oh, and thanks again to the JPAG's own Markus Wilson for the Photochoppin'.

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy

Music: "Get Ready for Love" by Nick Cave, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller.

For fans: Joystiq Podcast Facebook group

See all of this week's links after the jump.

MKO: Next Mortal Kombat pits MK against DC
Other instruments in Guitar Hero IV
Let's just talk about GTA IV
Silent Hill V is SH: Homecoming
Sony pushes Home open beta out until fall '08, closed beta extended
Shacknews: Key staff leave Metroid Prime dev Retro Studios
MS now hiring Jackson's Halo team

3. Uh-Okami IGN screw up
2. Gears of War 2 panel: 'hot chicks,' stereotypes, living cover and more
1. Professional Warcraft III players to carry Olympic torch in China

BWF Prize: Patapon and a box of Patapon stuff. BRUSH WITH FAME RULES: To be eligible for a brush, you must be 18 or older, a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec), and submit your entry to the email address listed in the podcast by 12:00pm ET 5/01/08. Official rules here.

BWF Question: What game was "unfairly compared to Oblivion" according to its creators?

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