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Lineage II to offer main/subclass switch-ups this summer

William Dobson

In the coming Hellbound expansion for Lineage II, the level cap will be increased to 85 for main classes, and 80 for subclasses. Because a lot of players have grown more attached to their subclass than their main, having it lagging 5 levels behind would not be a desirable situation. To address this, an event dubbed "Choose your Destiny" will take place this summer, allowing players the opportunity to switch one of their subclasses with their main class.

Understandably, such a major change to a character is subject to a lengthy list of eligibility requirements, limitations, and consequences. There are a handful of main classes that cannot take part in the event, and certain sub and main class combinations won't work either. Subclass certified skills are reset, and certificates are removed. Above all, this process can only occur once, so you'll need to be sure of your decision. Check out the full details at the "Choose your Destiny" page -- we're expecting more date and time details to be given some time soon.

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