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Lost Odyssey and Army of Two DLC arrives

Justin McElroy

What're 200 points worth to you? Wait, don't answer yet, because a new DLC pack for Lost Odyssey released today may just change your whole perception of the value of a point. The "Triple Bonus Pack" adds "'Memory Lamp,' which allows you to watch the past event scenes all over again, 'Shattered Bond,' an antique that will bring back the memory of a forgotten dream, and a special ring, 'Killer Machine,'" all for 200 points ($2.50). Now, we don't know what any of those words meant, but they sounded awesome.

Also, just as a reminder, the "SSC Challenge" pack for Army of Two also arrived today for 600 points on XBL or $7.50 on PSN. If you sample any of today's DLC, make sure you let us know if they're worth the digi-dollars in the comments.

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