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PSP Fanboy hands-on: B-Boy

Majed Athab

Another game from New York Comic Con was B-Boy, a game based on break dancing. It's also a title that came out for PAL regions two years ago; however, it will be, for the first time, coming out this June in North America. The game is set for both the PS2 and the PSP. PSP Fanboy went hands-on with the PS2 version, which should be nearly identical to the PSP one. Both games use the exact same controls since the game does not utilize the L2 and R2 buttons missing on the PSP. In fact, the controls are rather simple and only really use the D-pad and face buttons.

Now, when you start kicking those fly moves, you'll notice that there are dots circling around at your character's feet. These dots serve as an indicator for when you need to hit your next move and keep your dance in rhythm. To do different moves, you need to input a combination such as "right-right-triangle." Keeping in step may prove kind of difficult as you'll be trying to constantly make combo strings one right after another. Things can get quite hectic.


Knowing that you'll be inputting quite a lot of combinations, understand that there are even way more moves to choose from than you'll ever have time to execute. Also, several moves can only be performed after certain other moves have been performed. All this means that there's going to be some need of complex organization and memorization involved if you want to pull off a really jazzed up trick. Gameplay can be tiring at times, but ultimately, pulling off a well-planned routine makes those sore fingers proud.

It's quite a technical game, really. There's also a career mode where gamers can take up B-Boy battles and unlock even more advanced moves. Unlocking things like sponsorship deals nets more customizable options like new clothing for your personalized dancer. While the game has been around for at least two years, time hasn't really affected it much. The game still feels fresh -- at least to one who has not played the game beforehand from the PAL release.

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