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See the first character model from Splatterhouse

Justin McElroy

Like good bloggers, we masked our complete lack of excitement for a new Splatterhouse in a milky coating of sarcastic enthusiasm. But after seeing the above character model for the game's (we're betting anti-)hero Rick Taylor ... we kind of wish we'd laid it on a bit thicker. To remove our remaining layers of subtlety: We're saying it looks bad, or, at the very least, underwhelming.

But there, in the distance, is that a ray of hope? Indeed it is, friends, because we also learned today that Splatterhouse is being created by bottleRocket, a developer founded by the team that made the excellent Mark of Kri and sequel Rise of the Kasai. We're still not crazy about the license, but we're definitely more intrigued than we were a few minutes ago.

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