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Today in Joystiq: April 25, 2008

Ross Miller

Joystiq reader Sam sends us this picture from Grand Theft Auto IV. We've slightly highlighted the key part where it says pirate, with games written right below it. In light of recent events, we can't help but notice some irony. Check out the highlights for today:

Assault Heroes 2 blows up XBLA on May 14
The definitive Mario Kart Wii controller showdown
DS Fanboy Lite: Apr. 19 - Apr. 25
First impressions: Mario Kart Wii
Joystiq Podcast 047 - JQ vs DC edition
Keep on Kartin': A Mario Kart Retrospective

The Xbox 360 turns a profit ... again
GameStop's GTA IV midnight launch mega-list
Spore Creature Creator and demo coming June 17
See the first character model from Splatterhouse
Lost Odyssey and Army of Two DLC arrives
Jason Priestley is helping to promote Mario Kart
Codemasters takes over Sega Racing Studio
Metal Gear Online beta patched again (we're so close)
No Nintendo Wii or DS price cuts this year
Metal Gear Online beta now live for all territories
Marvel Comics hires former Sony exec as digital media VP
Blockbuster putting GTA IV on the 'new release' wall
Rock Band Weekly: The Mother Hips and Smashing Pumpkins
SingStar PS3 screams into North America May 20, playable at Coachella festival
Lara Croft parent SCi gets £60m from Warner Bros.
ESRB reminds parents GTA IV isn't for children
PS3's third-gen heatsink reduces size, complexity, boosts efficiency
MCV: Midway could become part of Viacom
Ion Storm, Wolfpack vets lift lid off KingsIsle Entertainment
SOCOM over here and watch this 'Confrontation' footage

Rumors & Speculation
Analysts expect PS3 to benefit most from GTA IV
Rumor: Bungie making third-person Halo prequel
Rumorang: BioShock PS3 port in September

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