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VC Friday: Ninja Dragon Games


A trio of games this week on the PAL Virtual Console (all of which would be dead to us if "Ninja Dragon Games" actually existed), including one we totally want, one that will probably be undeservedly overlooked in favor of the one we totally want and, um, World Games (Commodore 64), which we're entirely unfamiliar with.

The former, obviously, is Double Dragon (NES), and although we plan to download Technos' landmark game with a quickness, we feel a bit bad for The Last Ninja (Commodore 64), which deserves some attention, if only for its amazing soundtrack. Check videos of all three out after the blue words, and marvel at how barrel jumping looks ... oddly compelling.

  • Double Dragon -- NES -- 500 Wii Points
  • World Games -- Commodore 64 -- 500 Wii Points*
  • The Last Ninja -- Commodore 64 -- 500 Wii Points*
* Only in Europe.

Double Dragon

The Last Ninja (Commodore 64)

World Games (Commodore 64)

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