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Indies see, seize HD opportunities

Steven Kim

With all the attention given to major studios, it's easy to forget that there's a wealth of smaller indie operations with great content as well. The format war effectively kept these players out of the game -- just like consumers, choosing the "wrong" format was just too risky. In the new, Blu world, however, some of these studios are making very successful moves to HD. Try this on for size: Tartan Video is seeing higher sales of "Oldboy" on Blu-ray than any other title in its library, including DVD releases! The film is no delicate, highbrow, foreign art film, either; we'd file it under foreign, gritty action. This really underscores what we think is the value of HDM -- properly done, it gets you closer to the director's vision. And that's something any cinephile can love, whether the feature is a CGI-laden blockbuster or not. Our recommendation? Try putting some indie HD content in your diet.

[Image courtesy MovieCritic]

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