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May's VC games for Japan: May include MSX games


Nintendo has released the planned May lineup of Virtual Console games for Japan, and while it doesn't include any megatons (like last month most certainly did), there are at least a lot of games on the list. The first two MSX games, Eggy and Aleste, are supposed to make their fashionably late appearance, but we find it a lot easier to believe that they'll be bumped for some Wonder Boy ports.

Other interesting games, which may actually be released, include: Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard, a shooter similar to Cybernator (in fact director Toshiro Tsuchida worked on both games) and based on the Front Mission series of strategy games; Star Parodier, the "silly" Star Soldier game; and Martial Champion, a CD-based Street Fighter clone from Konami. Hit the break for the full list!


  • Bubble Bobble
Super Famicom:
  • Axelay
  • Ganbare Goemon 2
  • Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard
Master System:
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Mega Drive:
  • Gynoug (Wings of Wor)
  • Super Fantasy Zone
PC Engine:
  • Star Parodier (CD)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd BOUT
  • Break In
  • Martial Champion (CD)
Neo Geo:
  • Fatal Fury 2
  • Ninja Combat
  • Burning Fight
  • Eggy
  • Aleste

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