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Don't go there

Tateru Nino

So, whose site do you think the above image comes from? No, definitely not from Linden Lab. Over the last week there have been a number of accounts (all apparently now banned) that have been spamming out a link to this site, or links that direct to it. We assume Linden Lab is even now sharpening their pens for cease-and-desist letters, based on use of trademarks alone.

The site itself contains some material that might not be safe-for-work or suitable for those under 18. The majority of content, however, is probably not safe for anyone much, really. It's a sub-site of a site that involves imagery that is quite definitely NSFW.

It's one of those fill-out-surveys-to-get-Linden-Dollars sites, and we've yet to see one that wasn't some sort of scam -- so we've got no reason to believe that this isn't also one. Given that, we cannot recommend that anyone give this site a try.

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