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Mario Kart won't be the only kart racing game for the Wii

Candace Savino

And no, we're not even talking about Deca Sports, which features kart racing as one of its ten activities. Rather, Conspiracy Entertainment is making another Wii game in their Cocoto series, called Cocoto Kart Racer (which is already out for the DS, GameCube, PC and PS2). The title should be coming out soon (the press release said Q2 2008), and will probably break the hearts of children everywhere. We're not saying it will necessarily be a bad game (even though the other versions got poor reviews, so let's be realistic), but the point is, it's not Mario Kart.

Imagine a child asking his or her parents for Mario Kart, only to be sorely disappointed when they come home with Cocoto Kart Racer instead because they don't know the difference or want to go with the cheaper option. We can definitely see that happening.

[Via press release]

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