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Promotional Consideration: DS Style, the Freshmaker

Eric Caoili

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

Square Enix has rolled out no less than seven commercials for its DS Style line of "non-games," one for each of the series' seven casual software titles. They're low-budget productions shot with simple scripts, spartan sets, and a single actress in most of the scenes.

Bring your trivial dilemmas past the post break, where we've posted a medley of the 15-second spots past the post break, as well as early 90s commercials for the minty product referenced in this installment's title.

Problem. DS Style. Solution.

The advertised games, in order of appearance:
The spots all follow a simple formula -- an everyday person solves an everyday inconvenience with a magic product, a DS game in this case. That sounds a lot like Mentos's campy 90s commercials!

She showed him!

How do you like them apples?!

Of course, it's impossible to have a discussion on Mentos commercials without linking the Foo Fighters video for "Big Me."

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