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1Password updated with anti-phishing support


It's been six months between major upgrades to browser credentials manager and all-around swell pal 1Password, and the Agile team has not been napping; the new version 2.6 offers anti-phishing tech courtesy of integration with, compatibility with SSB fave Fluid, and a more streamlined password-changing option to avoid the proliferation of old credentials.

Single-user licenses of 1Password are $34.95 and 3-license family packs are $49.95 (otherwise known as $35 and $50; can we agree that pricing downloadable items as if they were sportscars or boxes of detergent, while psychologically valid, is darned silly) and upgrades from 2.5 to 2.6 are free of charge for most users. MacHeist II bundle owners are covered for this upgrade, however those who got a free license via Macworld's Mac Gems promotion will have to cough up the dough for the new version.

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