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"Aspen" and "Gekko" join the Hiptop codename parade?

Chris Ziegler

A little early for all-new Sidekicks, isn't it? TmoNews is reporting that a pair of new codenames have rather suddenly appeared on the Hiptop radar -- "Gekko" and "Aspen" -- with the former due on T-Mobile come July 27 and the latter rolling on in just three short days later on July 30. The three-day separation between two Sidekick launches itself seems a bit suspect, though to be fair, the last round of Danger codenames we caught wind of turned out to be dead-on legit. As Hiptop3 suggests, a round of LX (or Slide) limited editions seems like the most plausible explanation here -- or maybe it's just T-Mob's fancy way of describing new colors.

[Via PHONE Magazine and]

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