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Capcom confirms: Bionic Commando not coming to VC

Candace Savino

When we heard about the original Bionic Commando coming to Xbox Live and PSN, we couldn't help but hope that an announcement for the game on the VC would be soon to follow. Fast forward to four months later, and Capcom's Ben Judd recently stated in an interview with IGN that putting the NES version on the VC "couldn't happen."

According to Christian Svensson, the Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom, this isn't the company's fault. Rather, Nintendo is the one to blame, as Capcom would like nothing more than to have the game on the Virtual Console.

We've already done our own speculating as to why this game would be roadblocked by Nintendo, but to hear it confirmed is rather heartbreaking.

[Via Siliconera]

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