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Disney queues up "extended" boxed sets of strike-shortened TV shows


The strike is behind us and most shows are back on the air, but don't think you've felt the last of its effects, DVD and Blu-ray boxed sets for most of this season's TV shows will be a few episodes shorter than normal. Apparently the idea of charging a little less is just too outrageous, according to Video Business, Disney plans "extra" features like lengthened episodes and looks behind the scenes -- you know, exactly the kind of thing we've come to expect from our boxed sets. Still interested? Grey's Anatomy fans can look forward to the series Blu-ray debut September 9 (Lost hits December 9), part of a strategy to hit shelves closer to the upcoming seasons so fans might remember who McDreamy & McSteamy are. Mentions of possible Xbox Live debuts, or HD cases of Dirty Sexy Money and Ugly Betty were unfortunately missing.

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