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DS Daily: Getting it right


Just yesterday, we were talking about some of the worst offenders in stylus-based controls, so it's only fitting that today, we should discuss the best. But let's not focus on the obvious answers. With adventure games, for instance we expect good stylus controls; point and click isn't difficult when your method of input is a pointer with which you click things. What are your favorite other games that use primarily stylus controls? Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan come to mind; while it seems like the stylus would make rhythm games ridiculously easy, these games manage to keep it fun and challenging while presenting a great interface. We're also fond of the punishing brutality of Trauma Center, which made us swear the first time we sewed bad stitches and got lectured about it. The recent NInja Gaiden: Dragon Sword boasts stylus swordplay that is unstoppable. But that's just the tip of a very large iceberg. For as much as we complain about bad stylus controls, so many games do it well.

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