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Grand Theft Auto IV jacks up Take-Two shares


Hitting you with all the force of a frilly pillow being swung by a little girl on Valium news now, with the shocking revelation that Take-Two shares are rising amidst glowing and gushing reviews of new best game ever, Grand Theft Auto IV. The game's critical reception will provide "some leverage" for the publisher, which is still being targeted for acquisition by rival EA. "We would not be surprised if the deal ultimately gets done a couple of bucks higher," Arvind Bhatia, director of research at Sterne Agee, told Reuters.

Janco Partners analyst, Mike Hickey, suggested that EA shouldn't afraid to boost its standing $26-per-share offer. "EA should just pay up and just get this deal done and quit being so cheap about it," he said. "You've made a $2 billion bid ... and you're worried about three or four dollars per share."

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