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RallyPoint Handwear Computer Input Device gives soldiers a hand


The last thing you want to do in a combat situation is bust out a keyboard and mouse and start clicking away just to send some simple commands via your embedded computer. Now RallyPoint, a Cambridge, MA-based startup, is building a new computer interface glove so that soldiers can operate their computers in the field without taking their hands off their gun. The Handwear Computer Input Device (HCID) has a whole mess of sensors built-in, including push-button sensors in the pinky, fourth finger and index, finger, a mouse-like sensor in the index finger and a trio of accelerometers on the back of the hand. HCID plugs in via USB, and can be used to activate radio, navigate electronic maps and send commands. No word on when HCID is going to be deployed, but despite its bulky looks it seems to be pretty much field ready.

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