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Rogers getting real with Nokia N95 next month?

Chris Ziegler

For a phone that came out in 2006, it's kinda surprising how much interest (both from carriers and end users) that the Nokia N95 series continues to enjoy. With any luck, we'll be seeing it launch on AT&T later this year -- but Rogers is apparently poised to beat 'em to the punch. Mobile In Canada reports that Canada's 800-pound GSM behemoth intends to launch the N95 (the North American, non-8GB model, as far as we can tell) as early as May 2nd -- which, alongside the already-launched Sony Ericsson K850i, makes for a powerful one-two combo of 5 megapixel 3G Europhones. Only time will tell, but we're feeling good about this one, folks; only question is, N95 8GB next?

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