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The Daily Grind: Do you roleplay?

William Dobson

Plenty of MMOs have servers that are supposed to be for roleplaying, but when you log on, you find that a lot of people just act as they would on a normal server. However, you will run into those that embrace the roleplaying aspect of the game, and things are significantly different for them. A run-of-the-mill instance clearing ending with a boss kill can become an epic adventure, culminating in the slaying of a legendary beast and the discovery of rare and valued treasure. Their avatar isn't merely another Night Elf Rogue -- they might have a back-story, a fleshed out history of how they arrived at their current situation, and may rarely ever break from character.

Do you enjoy the immersion of roleplaying, or do you tend to just play the game for what it is and leave RPing to the folks that are into it? Is it something that you will occasionally slip into, or are you dedicated to your in-game persona? Something we're interested to know is, if you roleplay now in MMOs, did you do it before you started playing video games, or did you pick it up since entering a virtual world?

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