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Fatal Inertia EX coming to PSN next month

Justin McElroy

It's not often we get to report on beautiful, tearful reunions on Joystiq, so forgive us if we're a bit rusty, but here goes: Originally announced as a PS3 launch title, Fatal Inertia will return from its stint on Xbox 360 to the waiting, open arms of PSN next month (as was rumored in March). But, much like the ill-advised Spring Break tattoos sported by the returning prodigal son, the game will carry the brand of EX at the end of its title. That means it's extreme.

Expect a souped-up version of the 360 game that dropped last September, with a new training mode, more tracks and less overall difficulty. The PSN-only title will sport a $29.99 price tag when it arrives on the service in late May.

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