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HDNet Fights looks to score KO with DREAM fights

Steven Kim

Fledgling MMA player HDNet fights has signed up with an even fresher face in the MMA game, DREAM, to air six DREAM Japanese fight cards here in the US. The DREAM organization kicked things off in Japan on March 15, but don't confuse its newcomer status with a lack of experience; the organization looks an awful lot like K-1 HERO'S combined with the now-defunct PRIDE, right down to several of the fighters and staff (and apparently, an affinity for all caps). From the sound of things, DREAM is having a hard time getting off the ground in its home of Japan, so we're pretty sure HDNet was able to pick up the deal under some pretty favorable terms. Could HDNet Fights' take-all-comers approach get us some HD competition for the UFC over here? We certainly hope so.

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