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It's maintenance time


As Adam mentioned yesterday, server maintenance is now upon us, and you'll probably be getting a serverwide message to that effect any minute now if you're logged into the game. This is an extended downtime, so expect servers to be down from 3 am to at least 11 am PDT.

If you're like a lot of people, including at least one WoW Insider blogger, you will probably be taking advantage of the downtime to get comfy with a little Grand Theft Auto IV (or, if you're weird, you'll just be waiting for the new Iron Man game or something). But if you're stuck at work or school, or if you haven't had the time or pocket money to pick up GTA, may I suggest a little bit of WoW Insider browsing?

While I agree with Adam that it's not likely that 2.4.2 is going live this week, it never hurts to bone up just in case. You can check out the original 2.4.2 patch notes here, as well as some undocumented changes found on the PTR and some new class changes recently added to the notes. You can also check out our analysis of some of the 2.4.2 Hunter changes with articles on Growl, Scare Beast, and more testing of Growl.

For non-patch stuff, try these articles:

Whatever else you do, keep your browser tuned here to WoW Insider all day for all the latest news and views on the World of Warcraft. This goes for you too, GTAers. You're going to have to take a break sometime, so you might as well take it with us, right?

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