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Mounts of the World of Warcraft: TCG Mounts


Several mounts are available from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. You can get these mounts by finding rare cards in the game, and turning in a code that is on the card. These mounts have been known to go for upwards of $600 on ebay.

Riding Turtle

Spectral Tiger

Speed: 0%
Minimum Level: 20
Riding Skill: 0

Speed: 60%
Minimum Level: 40
Riding Skill: 75

Swift Spectral Tiger

X-51 Nether Rocket

Speed: 100%
Minimum Level: 60
Riding Skill: 150

Speed: 60%
Minimum Level: 70
Riding Skill: 225

X-51 Nether Rocket EXTREME

Speed: 280%
Minimum Level: 70
Riding Skill: 300

WoW Insider's Guide to the Mounts of the World of Warcraft
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